Workshops & Individual Coaching

The Moxy Lab: Presenting with Presence, Confidence, and Authenticity.

An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Presenting: Ignite the heart, mind and imagination of your audience.

You have an offering, a business presentation, or a message to share with the world. You want to have an impact, connect with your audience, and communicate clearly. But the thought of speaking in public makes your stomach quiver, your body sweat, and your hands tremble. Plus the overwhelm of where to start and what to say leaves you in a paralysis of procrastination.

You are not alone. The fear of public speaking is almost universal and ranks up there with the fear of death, suffocation, and spiders. The good news is that with the right skills, public speaking can be gratifying and even fun.

In this interactive presentation, you’ll walk away with a roadmap to create and deliver your own presentation including:

  • Practical tools to navigate fear so you feel grounded, confident, and energized while speaking.
  • Simple strategies to craft your presentation to suit your message and audience.
  • Fundamental design principles so your visuals support rather than overwhelm your message.
  • Tips on how to engage your audience by simply being yourself and in the moment.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Experienced and skillful support to guide you through a step-by-step process.

Discover, articulate, and share your message, with presence, confidence, and authenticity.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple strategies and structures to craft your speech or presentation.
  • Effective tools to navigate fear so you feel grounded and confident while speaking.
  • Practical skills to engage your audience by simply being yourself and in the moment.
  • Practices to communicate with greeter presence.
  • Creative Direction for your slides so they ignite the heart, mind, and imagination of your audience.

Additional email support available!

Presentation 911: You’re under the gun. You have an audience, you’re expected to deliver. But you’re a paralyzed with anxiety—overwhelmed with too many ideas, or none whatsoever. I’ve been there and can help you through it! Contact me to design a path to your goal.

  • In our first session, we will clarify your ideal vision for speaking with presence and authenticity, as well as your key challenges. I will share advice and some practices for overcoming those challenges.
  • Clarify what presenting with presence and authenticity looks like for you.
  • Identify the key obstacles which prevent you from speaking with presence.
  • Learn practical tools to meet your challenges.
  • Leave with a clear plan for developing your skills, and becoming a powerful, confident presenter.

What you have to say is important and may change the world in a small or magnificent way.

Communicating with spirit, courage, and know-how—that’s moxy!